Frequently Asked  Questions

What is a community magazine?

Community magazines like Yardley Living and Newtown Neighbors are hyper-local publications that focus on the local people, activities, and businesses that support these communities. Although there are many publications that focus on cities or regions, they often don't "feel" as relevant to readers. And, people generally do business within 5-10 miles of where they live, so our sponsors within the hyperlocal magazines really resonate with readers.

Who reads it?

Nearly everyone. Both men and women, singles, families, empty nesters, and retirees alike. Studies have shown that 89.4% of households receiving BVM community magazines bring them inside their home and enjoy them. They also keep them on a kitchen table or countertop and refer to them throughout the month. Often, they are saved well beyond the date on the cover or passed along to others for the content and articles.

How can I be a sponsor or an expert contributor?

We rely on local businesses to help us provide community content. As a sponsor, you will be welcomed into thousands of homes every month. To learn more about becoming a sponsor, please use our contact form, or schedule a time to discuss. Or, simply call or e-mail us! We are happy to help and can handle everything from creative design to distribution or your message.

How much does it cost to be a sponsor?

In general, we have a significantly lower cost than direct mail with a higher open rate. Campaigns can be created for as little and .07 per home per mailing. We offer many options and are happy to quote based on your specific needs. The three things that influence cost are the size of the ad, duration, and premium options like being the expert in your category or sponsoring our family story. Just as a builder would not quote a job without knowing a bit more, we need a quick call to assess your needs and make a recommendation.

I live in the community. Do I get the magazine?

We mail directly to thousands of residents in homes in more than 100 local neighborhoods. If you are a resident that is not currently receiving the magazine and you would like to, please send us your address so we can include you in a mailing. We also provide copies to each sponsor regardless of address.

Can sponsors be located outside of the community?

Yes! We work with local sponsors that do business within our communities, and while they are often located in Bucks County, we have sponsors from other parts of PA and NJ. If you are doing business in Newtown or Yardley and want to increase your awareness and visibility with our residents, we can help. Contact us to arrange a call.

How can I recommend a feature story?

You can use our contact form to submit a recommendation. Most of our features come from your suggestions. Please submit via our website or via e-mail, and provide as much detail as possible. We value your suggestions!

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