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Yardley Living

Social + Content-Based Magazine

Exclusively for Yardley Homeowners

Perfectly timed "word of mouth" is lucky - a client raves about you exactly when someone they know needs your service? Instant trust. Imagine if you could generate word of mouth more consistently...

Yardley Living is a private community publication written by and for Yardley residents, sponsored by local businesses, and mailed exclusively to Yardley homeowners each month.

​Hyper local content engages readers. Warm, social interaction with neighbors helps sponsors get noticed and become more trusted within the community, creating additional word of mouth. 

Sponsors receive consistent visibility, have a platform to share their unique expertise, and stay top of mind with thousands of homeowners. They are trusted partners for the Yardley community.

To learn about sponsorship options, click here. You can also request more information and receive a prompt reply from our Editorial team.

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