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Life in Yardley

My husband Jim and I have lived in Yardley for the past 15 years. Until recently, a huge part of my life was spent focused on my career. Each day I'd wake up, drive to work, get things done, drive home, open my laptop, and work some more.

When we had kids, I hoped this pattern might change and I'd spend more time in parks or local museums, but in reality, there seemed to be less time to explore the community. Juggling life as a mom with a career and travel was all-consuming. I didn't get out much. I had no idea what I was missing!

Journey to Rediscovery...

An unexpected career change this year allowed me to work from home and cut down on business travel. I began going to parks with my kids on weekends, and trying a few new restaurants with my husband. One Saturday weeks ago, I attended Yardley Harvest Day with my five year old daughter. I lived in Yardley over a decade, and didn't even realize this event existed!

After ice cream, face paint, pumpkins and a new pet goldfish, my daughter deemed that day was the 'best day of her life' - it was at that point I understood we needed to experience this type of thing more often! I became determined to figure out how we could do more in the community as a family.

In short, all of this brought me here. To build this site. To start this blog. And to an awesome opportunity to help contribute to the soon-to-publish Yardley Living Magazine. Enjoy Yardley is all about ways to experience Yardley - the town where I live. And it's also the beginning of a journey for me; an exploration into the community with an open heart and fresh eyes.

I look forward to engaging more and sharing what I learn each week in this new blog.


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