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Winter Wonderland

Jet Setters...

This is the first January in 20+ years I'm not on the road. As a young person, I'll admit I found business travel exciting and even a little glamorous. New cities, new restaurants, new friends. But eventually it became more of an obligation than an adventure.

Even so, as I watched the stream of social media from friends and old colleagues traveling to the cities and shows I'd attended for decades, I expected to feel a twinge of envy, sadness, or even regret. Yet for some reason, it wasn't there. Instead I It was weird, but it was good.

I do really miss the people, but not the travel. If I miss it at some point down the road, perhaps a vacation will help!

Home Sweet Home

This week we had our first real snow of the season. Of course by "real" I mean enough snow to sled and build a small snowman - not like the 18" snowstorms of my youth, but for my 5 year old with nothing nostalgic to compare, it was awesome! And I was here to see it - even better!

As part of my New Year's resolution, I also got out into the local community. Getting to know the residents, businesses and non-profits at gatherings and events was fun - more on that in the weeks ahead!

For now, whether you're here in Bucks County or on the road living the glamorous life....


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