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Meet Mark Gatta of Opus Elite: Real Estate Expert Contributor for Newtown Neighbors Magazine

By Heather DiPrato. Photos by Frank Pronesti.

If you spend time in Newtown Borough, you’ve probably seen realtor Mark Gatta shopping for closing gifts at a local business or grabbing a bite at a Newtown restaurant. He purchased his historic State Street office in 2020 and completely renovated it. Today, it serves as a welcoming place for the Opus Elite team and for the community. “Our office is open every day,” says Mark. “People can walk in and ask real estate questions, and I love that we are a resource for the neighborhood.”

Mark and his business partner, Volkan Andic, own Opus Elite Real Estate. “We work incredibly well together,” says Mark. “I’m pretty energetic and enthusiastic, and he balances me and helps keep me focused and grounded. We are both business partners and good friends.” Volkan manages the operations and technology for the business, while Mark focuses on sales, recruiting, and public relations.

Mark has always been involved in sales and had an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age. “I come from a family that believes in making things happen, not waiting for them to fall on your lap,” says Mark. “My parents were born and raised in Italy and came to this country with very little. It took a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but they were able to achieve the American dream. That work ethic has stayed with me. After graduating from Temple University, I decided to follow in my parents’ footsteps and open my own business. It was difficult at first but became well worth the commitment.”

That said, real estate wasn’t on his radar early in his career. “It wasn’t until my wife Maria and I decided to purchase our first home that I realized I wanted to sell real estate,” says Mark. “It seemed no matter how much I explained to an agent what we were looking for, they were unable to help us find the ‘perfect home.’ And worse yet, it almost felt like the agents we met couldn’t be bothered. I never want anyone to feel that way! Listening to my clients and helping them with their dream home or investment property is my focus, and it’s what we look for in every agent that joins the Opus Elite team.”

To that end, everyone at Opus Elite is dedicated to ensuring each client – whether a buyer or a seller – has a relationship with an agent that is extremely well versed and connected in the local community. Their differentiation is providing more of a boutique-level experience. “The agents we attract are looking to be a part of a more intimate group, to collaborate. We mentor and unlike many of the national brokerages, we don’t charge if they ask for help,” says Mark. “We also focus on family-oriented events. We want to meet the families, and not just be a company they work for, but to actually feel like a family.”

In their first few years in Newtown Borough, they’ve been embraced by the local businesses. “We are grateful that we’ve been so well received in the neighborhood,” says Mark. “And I do my best to give back to this community. Our weekly podcast ‘Neighborhood Spotlight’ has a great following, and it’s a way we can help local businesses get more visibility. “I also make a point of supporting the local Newtown businesses. We shop and eat here, we host events here, and we include local businesses in all we do, it’s great to be right in the heart of Newtown!”

Mark is passionate about bringing people together. In addition to events at their office, Mark hosts an annual Gala for Opus Elite clients each August at Cairnwood Estates. “It’s an evening of food, fun, and live music, and let me tell you, it’s a blast,” says Mark. “We are so excited to reconnect with our clients every year and to thank them for their part in our business success. It’s also a way we help raise funds for local charities because giving back is an important part of our business culture.”

Mark lives in Bucks County with his wife Maria and children Pietro, Caterina, Fiorella, and Donato. The family loves camping and spending time outdoors. As a Freemason and Shriner, in his free time, Mark also enjoys volunteering at The Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia. To connect with Mark, you can contact him at 215-630-2040 or


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