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Megan Boyle and Matt Peters: Love, Entrepreneurship, Facing Fear, and Staying Out of the Weeds

by Heather DiPrato with photos by Frank Pronesti of Heirloom Studio

Megan Boyle and Matt Peters journey began in the digital realm, as many modern love stories do. When the couple met five years ago, it was the start of a beautiful relationship built on their mutual passion for life, business, and each other. While most young couples might meet for dinner or a drink on their first date, their first date was at a cemetery!

Meg and Matt noticed they had “matched” on two separate dating sites, Tinder and Bumble. Both were hopeful and they began chatting. “We just clicked, the conversations flowed so easily,” says Matt. At the time, both were in their twenties and very entrepreneurial. Matt purchased a Weed Man franchise in 2015 to help homeowners manage their landscapes and create weed-free lawns and added Mosquito Hero a few years later. Megan was the creative force behind FEAR Fright Experience – a business she began in 2017 to help haunted venues spread FEAR (find customers)!

Once the couple opted to meet in person, an upcoming haunt event at the picturesque Forest Hills Cemetery in Philadelphia seemed like the perfect venue. “That first date was the best one I’d ever been on,” says Matt. “I think we both knew we had a real connection.” FEAR: The Evolution of a Business Going to haunted places had started as a hobby for Meg, and after attending dozens every year, she saw an opportunity. “I’d traveled all over the US visiting haunted attractions,” says Meg. “It was a passion of mine that bordered on obsession! In 2017, I took my expertise and used it to help the owners of the haunts gain more exposure. I started by writing reviews for haunted attractions.”

“After Matt and I got together, he joined my journey, traveled alongside me, and helped me develop the haunt review business,” she continues. “Along the way, he conducted interviews and took beautiful pictures. Matt brought amazing insight and passion to FEAR, and in 2019 we decided to make it a year-round experience for all the Horror, Halloween, and Macabre enthusiasts. Then, the pandemic opened a new door for me to expand the FEAR brand.”

The Pandemic: A New FEAR is Realized

Today, Megan is best known as the creative force behind Fear BOOtique, a vegan and cruelty-free bath, body, beauty, and scent brand that captures all the October vibes year-round, from the macabre to the romantic. With an ever-evolving line of products and a devoted group of clients around the globe, things look encouraging for the 34-year-old entrepreneur.

“I started Fear BOOtique in 2020, making masks for COVID-19 with fun, spooky prints alongside my best friend and former business partner,” Megan explains. “We quickly added headbands and scrunchies, then added fragrance items, incense, and perfume oils. After my partner left to pursue other ventures, I was even more focused and determined to succeed. It was hard, but I’m proud of what I’ve been able to accomplish as a business owner so far!”

Since its launch, Fear BOOtique has captured local awards like the coveted Bucks Happening List and Best of Bucks while earning a devoted clientele. Many have discovered the brand through Instagram. “I’m proud of the following we’ve developed,” Meg shares. “People are attracted to the scents as well as the stories behind them, and our following has soared over the past 2 years.”

The Stories and Scents of FEAR BOOtique

The first scent Meg created was called Haunted Abode and released on the opening night of Field of Screams. “It actually smells like a haunted house,” Meg laughs. “Since then, we’ve added scents, and the ways clients can experience them. Our body butters are incredibly nourishing and smell amazing and our incense burns for 2 hours per stick! All products are vegan, cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and hand[1]crafted in Pennsylvania. We even design and print our labels here!”

“FEAR caters to anyone who loves the mythical or macabre,” Meg explains. “Our products and scents change seasonally. For example, this summer we introduced fruitier scents, with hints of coconut and a Boho vibe, along with favorites like Deep Fried EYE-Scream with notes of vanilla and buttery goodness! Our Victorian collection was inspired by a graphic novel I'm writing. Each fragrance corresponds to different characters and storylines within the novel."

With a unique premise, an ever-evolving line of products, a huge Instagram following, and a devoted group of customers, the 34-year[1]old entrepreneur continues to innovate and evolve. “One of the most exciting things we do is the VIP experiences. Every season, or about 6-7x a year, we create exclusive products and scents that aren’t available in our online store and open them to our VIP Club,” Meg explains. “People love having exclusive access to new things!”

If you’re curious about what scents you’ll love, you can visit Energy Ripple in nearby Bristol, which carries many FEAR BOOtique items. You can find retail locations on the website, or online at For VIP access, send a message through Instagram @fear.bootique and ask to join.

The Love Story Continues

"What initially captivated me about Meg was her upfront communication and clear sense of what she wanted in a relationship,” Matt tells us. “We had amazing chemistry from the start! And she's just stunning, inside, and out! She's an amazing, talented woman, a great businesswoman, and one of the most caring people I know!”

Meg is equally passionate about Matt. “Matt is so talented and has brought so much creativity and enthusiasm to support me in the FEAR businesses. He has boundless energy and is a problem solver,” she shares. “He also gives so much to the community as a volunteer for the Newtown Business Association, his networking group, and community groups like the NBA Emerging Leaders.”

While they don't have children, the couple shares three fur babies. “Our cats are Lady, Dexter, and Luna,” Meg tells us. “And they're the heartbeat of our home!" Juggling entrepreneurial endeavors while growing their respective businesses, volunteering, and engaging in the community can take a toll, but the duo is committed to making time for one another. “It can be really hard at times,” Matt shares. “We need to be intentional about spending quality time together. Because we communicate so well, we can vent to one another and are always ready to help each other when the other needs it. That goes a long way.”

Matt and Meg’s souls are intertwined by love, business, and their unique path together. When passion and love are at the core of what you do, every journey can be truly magical.


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