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The Oxley Family: Fully Invested in Newtown

Story by Heather DiPrato. Photos by Brooke Straiton Photography.

David and Danielle Oxley met in college, married in 2010, and have lived in Newtown since 2013. The couple attended the University of Hartford where Danielle was studying mathematics and David majored in politics and government. “I was a junior and Danielle was an incoming freshman when we first met,” explains David. “We became close friends for quite a while before we officially started dating and married on September 18th in 2010 at our church, Thompson Memorial Presbyterian.” Both successful in their respective careers, today Danielle manages a team of healthcare underwriters for Cigna Healthcare, and David is a Financial Advisor with Fulton Financial Advisors/Raymond James in Yardley. They live in Eagle View with their four kids, Micah (15), Abigail (8), Jonah (6), and Anna (3). “Our kids have close friends in the neighborhood already, the types of friendships that last a lifetime,” says David.

The couple fondly remembers their early days as newlyweds living in Philadelphia. “Soon after we married,” Danielle recalls, “We decided to rent a small apartment in Rittenhouse. It couldn’t have been more than 400 square feet! At the time, we were both working in Center City, and we still reminisce about those morning walks to work.” When they decided to expand their family, they moved to Newtown and have never looked back.

The Oxleys moved to their current neighborhood four years ago after they outgrew their townhome in Hill Haven. “Our neighbors are great, we all look out for each other, shovel one another’s driveways during the heavy snow season, and pick up Amazon packages for neighbors who are traveling. There is such a great sense of community in Eagle View,” David continues. “I love pulling into my neighborhood after a long day at work and waving to every neighbor out for a walk. Danielle and I are working to organize lighting of luminaries around the development for Christmas Eve this year since we were rained out in 2020!”

Living in a walkable neighborhood is one of the things their family enjoys about living in the subdivision of Eagle View. “We really enjoy the close proximity to town,” says Danielle. “We frequently, run, walk, and bike ride through Newtown.” David concurs. “Danielle and I make a point to get out at least once a week and enjoy a date night in our town. Due to our crazy work schedules and the kids’ activities, we recognized early in our marriage how important it is to make time for each other without distractions.”

Being involved in the local community is important to both David and Danielle. “We attend Thompson Memorial Presbyterian Church, and twice a year we volunteer with what we call "Church has the left the building," Danielle tells us with a smile. “Whether it’s teaching Sunday School, helping in the nursery, or supporting our church’s rummage sale, being active within the church community is a very important part of our lives.”

“We also participate in other community service projects with our small group from church,” David tells us. “Some of the projects we’ve been involved in include supporting the Trenton Soup Kitchen, Cradles to Crayons, and other local charities. I was Finance Chair of my church for 2 years and Co-Chaired our Worship & Music for 4 years. Both Danielle and I are a have huge fans of Contemporary Christian Music and often have K-love radio station playing in the house!”

In addition to their involvement in these ministries, the family likes to spend time outdoors, stay active, and spend quality time with family and friends. Danielle discovered a love of dance through her friend Maria Egan and Fun Live Fitness where she enjoys Zumba. “Danielle and I also enjoy running together and family bike rides to one of our favorite local restaurants, Harvest Seasonal Grill,” says David. “Entertaining our friends and family, especially around the holidays is something we absolutely love. Our best evenings are those filled with love and sharing laughter with our family and friends!”

The holidays are a favorite time for the Oxleys. Since Abigail was born, the family has made an annual tradition of traveling to New York City and Rockefeller Center to see the Christmas Tree Lighting, shopping at Macy’s, and visiting Times Square. One exception was 2020, but they look forward to resuming the tradition this year. “Danielle especially loves the season,” David laughs. “She’s kind of a big elf at heart, and always makes the holidays so special.”

The kids have all found activities that they enjoy. Micah plays basketball for Council Rock North and participates in First Tee of Greater Trenton, along with being a Food Runner at Rocco's at the Brick. Jonah plays soccer for CRUSA and just started Lacrosse this summer and is really enjoying it. Abigail also enjoyed beach volleyball this summer and is looking forward to another basketball season this winter. Anna will be starting preschool this fall at Newtown Presbyterian where her older brother and sister both attended.

Although the Oxley’s don’t have pets of their own, they do love animals. “We have worked out a great arrangement with our close friend to dog-sit her Yorkie anytime she and her husband go out of town,” says David. “The kids are thrilled that they get a little taste of what it is like to have a dog in the house and Danielle is thrilled as she never gets too overwhelmed as it is only for a few nights. Tyrion, the Yorkie, reminds me of my dog Madeline my sister and I had growing up, so he holds an extra special place in my heart.”

Public service is something that was instilled in David from an early age. David's parents encouraged him to participate in service projects. He and his brother founded Caribbean Advanced Recycling, Inc to promote green initiatives in Barbados and the West Indies. In January of 2020, David was appointed to the Newtown Township Board of Supervisors to fill a vacancy. He was selected because of his wide-ranging experience in finance as well as his personal commitment to public service. He is the first African-American Supervisor in Newtown Township history.

Today he serves as the Liaison to the Economic Development Committee and spearheaded the effort to develop long-term financial goals for Newtown.

Last May, during a period of civil unrest in the country, he organized a candlelight vigil with local leaders and community police to provide awareness and show support for members of our country who have felt oppressed and unheard for a long time. He also coordinated a town hall with the police chief and community residents. David is hopeful to be elected in the fall to continue serving in this role.

The Oxley family loves to travel, and considers Florida, Barbados, and the New Jersey Shore to be favorite destinations. “We have an annual vacation with our extended family to Avalon NJ for a week each summer,” says David. “My parents are from the island of Barbados and immigrated to the states in 1979. We try to visit once every few years. Florida is also another favorite vacation place of ours. We love Fort Lauderdale and fell in love with that city many years ago when my wife visited there for a conference for work.”

The family also loves being part of this community. “Newtown is a special place,” says David. “We moved here for many reasons, but the one I appreciate most is just how small and community-orientated it is. It’s one of many things that makes our town so special.” As he looks to the future, David also reflects on the importance of community-building. “I care for this town dearly and believe our neighborhoods are one of the places where we can literally build a better society,” he explains. “Our community offers a chance for us to learn more about each other: our differences, our common goals, how to work together to make a better world for our children. I look forward to meeting and sharing ideas with as many of my Newtown neighbors as I can because our connections will enrich our lives.”

You can connect with David and stay up to date on his work in the community by following his Facebook page at


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