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Yardley Living

Every month we highlight an interesting family, couple, or individual from the community. Below are some of the people we've highlighted in past issues of Yardley Living. If you know a neighbor with a story to share, please nominate them through our contact page!

Nominate a story here!



January: PHS Girls Basketball

February: Max & Lisa Edward

March: The Voelzke & Gabriele Families

April: The Burgess Family


January: Meet the Mohans

February: Dr. Vanni and Dr. Vandergrift

March: Meet the Kotzkers

April: LMT's EAC & Volunteers

May: Betty Lou Frame

June: Meet the Pathak Family

July: Anita Allegrezza

August: 4th Anniversary Behind the Scenes

September: Mike Acer - Endurance Runner

October: Dr. Jared Kenwood

November: Res-Q-Pets

December: Beautiful Memories



January: Miss Marilyn

February: Sandy Run Girl Scout Volunteers

March: In Loving Memory of Rick & Chris Block

April: Maureen Johnson

May: Yardley's Heroes and Helpers

June: Meet the Class of 2020

July: Caring for Friends

August: Meet the Schindler Family

September: Sam Fayiah and YMS Families

October: Experience Yardley

November: The Schulers

December: Girl Power! Troop 2095


January: The Palmieri and Matthes Families

February: The Hirkos

March: The Groder Family

April: The McMullen Family

May: The Discount Family

June: Peter Veteska

July: The Bethmans of LMT

August: The Kelly Family 

September: The James Family

October: Dr. Lise Deguire

November: The Holden Family

December: Liz Young



January: The Ruppersbergers 

February: The Cantadas

March: The Kearney Family

April: The Bisserts

May: Jamie Fazzalore-Truelove

June: The Capuanos

July: The McGoldrick Family

August: The Sharers

September: The Schaeffers

October: The Jammer Family

November: The Kuronya Family

December: Noreen & Susan Gorka


August: The Mongiello Family

September: Liuba Lashchyk

October: The Tazza Family

November: The Kanoff Family

December: The Colavita Family

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