Every month we highlight an interesting family, couple, or individual from the community. Below are some of the people we've highlighted in past issues of Yardley Living. If you know a neighbor with a story to share, please nominate them through our contact page!



August: The Mongiello Family

September: Liuba Lashchyk

October: The Tazza Family

November: The Kanoff Family

December: The Colavita Family



January: The Ruppersbergers 

February: The Cantadas

March: The Kearney Family

April: The Bisserts

May: Jamie Fazzalore-Truelove

June: The Capuanos

July: The McGoldrick Family

August: The Sharers

September: The Schaeffers

October: The Jammer Family

November: The Kuronya Family

December: Noreen & Susan Gorka


January: The Palmieri and Matthes Families

February: The Hirkos

March: The Groder Family

April: The McMullen Family

May: The Discount Family

June: Peter Veteska

July: The Bethmans of LMT

August: The Kelly Family 

September: The James Family

October: Dr. Lise Deguire

November: The Holden Family

December: Liz Young


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