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Newtown Neighbors

Every month we highlight an interesting family, couple, or individual from the community. Below are some of the people we've highlighted in past issues of Newtown Neighbors. If you know a neighbor with a story to share, nominate the story HERE!



January: The Potential for Independence

February: Dr. Vanni & Dr. Vandergrift


January: The Mayo Family

February: Ashley Schneider 

March: Christine Edmonds/A Love for Life 

April:  Meet the Shaw Family

May: Heroes, Helpers, and Inspirations

June: The Hyndman Family

July: Eric and Krysta Gold

August: Officer Harry Vitello

September: Priyanka Koul

October: The Graham Family

November: Liz & Perry Warren

December: Newtown Rock Softball


February: The Reis Family

March:  The Rapps

April: The Swan Family  

May: Steve Nolan & Barbara Simmons 

June: The Hillis Family 

July: Lin, Jeff, and Kevin Bethman 

August:  The King Family

September: Dr. Kenwood & Dr. Sampson 

October: Karen Ulmer 

November: Fran Orlando (The Artmobile) 

December: Council Rock Nurses & Social Workers 

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