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New Year, New Life!

I've never been a big "New Year's Resolution" person. Nothing against the concept, just never made big life changes based on the calendar.

This year may be a bit different. I've made a few changes that mean less travel, and more time at home...

For many years, I experienced a stressful year-end close, followed by a hectic travel schedule in Q1.

Now I've turned in my frequent flyer card for a life closer to home and family, and along with that change, some new goals for 2017:

Enjoy More

Don't get me wrong, I've always felt great contentment in life, but somewhere along the way I got distracted by the chaos and stopped living "in the moment" with family and friends. My mind would quickly wonder to work and I was hardly enjoying "free time". This will change in 2017!

Find New Hobbies:

I realized a few years back didn't have hobbies anymore! Long ago I used to do lots of creative things; Paint furniture, bake, sew. Recently, if anyone asked about my hobbies, I'd try to change the subject!

After Christmas, I took up wool felting (a gift from my daughter). It's pretty challenging and I may not have the hang of it yet, but I like it! This was supposed to be a cat. Maybe it's becoming a raccoon now? Not sure, but it's fun learning something new!

Get Out More

Since the 90's, I spent more time behind my laptop screen than out in the neighborhood. And more time in airport coffee shops than in the local Starbucks. It becomes a habit, and it's a hard one to break. Sometimes something else has to break (like your smartphone) to even realize it!

Now I have more bandwidth and want to get to know my neighbors and be more involved in the community. That's an important goal for me personally.

This year...

I'll make an exception to "no resolutions" - that was the old me.

My plan is to make 2017 a year where I truly live in the world that's right in front of me, not in my laptop or in my head. Here's to an amazing future. Whatever you do in 2017, I hope we stay in touch!


Heather DiPrato

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