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One Recipe for Happiness

I need a break

Can't tell you how many posts I've seen in he past week from friends who want to take a break from social media. Once a fun, safe place and a relaxing way to keep up with old friends, things have become tense over the past few months.

Maybe social media is just too immediate. People can blast out whatever comes to their mind at the moment. In the old days we just said it in our heads, laughed and moved on. Today we can share frustration, anger, enthusiasm and hope with the world - but we can also offend, annoy and anger those who disagree with our individual thoughts.

What to do...

I have a recipe for dealing with the endless stream of stressful social media posts. It's not for everyone, but it helps me...

1. Have Empathy - put yourself in the other person's shoes. Try to understand their position, even if you think it's wrong.

2. Ignore It - do your best to ignore what people you love (and disagree with) say online vs. reacting in anger.

3, Walk Away - get off the computer and go breathe some fresh air. Get a shower. Do laundry. Refresh yourself.

4. Pretend you are five years old; play a game, go make some pancakes. Pretend you have no smartphone and live life.

Unless it presents immediate danger, don't fight with the people who really matter in your life. It'll just end up bad - and you won't change each others minds. So don't waste your precious time and energy on it. Life is too short.


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