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Design, DIY, and Dream Kitchens!

By Heather DiPrato, Photos by Alexandru Valeri-Bruchini of Mediaology

When my family moved to Lower Makefield in 2011, we bought a fixer, painted every wall, repaired the ceilings, and refinished all the hardwood floors. Although we’d fallen in love with its vintage charm, the circa 1949 cabinets and 1980s “upgraded” laminate countertops in the kitchen HAD to go! We planned to create a big, bright, open kitchen. I dreamed of a huge farmhouse sink, white cabinets with soft-close drawers, quartz countertops, open shelving, and smart storage.

Of course, life happens, and like the couple in the movie UP– something else always took priority (and budget). So, 13 years later, I’m still dreaming of that kitchen! That’s why I was excited when a friend introduced me to Carrie Reininger of Kitchen Me Now. She shared a unique concept that appealed to the DIYer in me (and gave me renewed hope my dreams might be possible)!

Meet Carrie Reininger and Will Goodwin

Carrie Reininger and Will Goodwin are longtime Bucks residents who met 15 years ago, fell in love, and have had many adventures here and abroad! e couple shared a magical wedding in Paris— and the joy of building a home together in Lower Makefield. "We love good food, good music, and find a lot of reward in building things together," says Carrie. Their travels include multiple trips to India, extensive journeys across Europe, and dreams of exploring the enchanting Amal-Amalfi Coast.

Will is a Bucks County native with a large extended family. Carrie and her daughter Hannah are Texans by origin, who spent two years in Switzerland before moving to Pennsylvania in 2007. Carrie studied French and German at Baylor University and has successfully transitioned from a career in marketing and consulting to something better suited to her creative spirit, kitchen, bath, and interior design! Together the family embodies the spirit of Yardley—a blend of history, warmth, and passion.

Design, DIY, & Making Dreams Come True

After the pandemic, Carrie and Will opened Kitchen Me Now and Bucks Home & DIY located in a quaint showroom on S. Main Street in Yardley Boro. “Our businesses were born from the trials and triumphs of renovating our own Yardley home,” says Carrie. “We aim to guide others with ambitious renovation plans, ensuring they can gracefully navigate the unexpected twists and turns, ending in a home they are proud of and can enjoy!”

Carrie is the designer of the team, with an interior design degree, an eye for detail, and a keen sense of what makes a room function beautifully. Will brings decades of installation and carpentry expertise and a passion for a job done well. Together, they are a dream team whose skills complement one another perfectly!

While Kitchen Me Now provides full kitchen renovation and installation, the partnership with Bucks Home & DIY Services offers cabinetry, design services, and guided DIY services to Kitchen Me

Now clients or those working with other contractors. The showroom may be small, but their ideas, experience, and design capabilities are BIG! They are passionate about helping turn dreams into REALITY.

“One thing I want to get across to the community,” Will explains, “When it comes to kitchens, there are

many options. Sometimes people fear they can’t afford a remodel, especially if they are working on a budget. We work across just about every budget. there are ways to get a design you’ll love affordably, and that’s what we love – helping people bring those dreams to life.”

Hobbies, Passions, Friends & Neighbors

In the Reininger-Goodwin household, hobbies lean towards creativity – Carrie enjoys painting, sewing, and the joy of baking. Hannah stands out as a rugby player at George Washington University. Will's passion for motorcycles adds a touch of adventure. Their pups Penelope the Great Dane (3) and Libby the "Super Mutt" (13) bring boundless energy to the home. The family moved to Yardley in 2015 and purchased a home in need of TLC on three acres of land. Together, they embarked on an ambitious renovation journey – and the process, though challenging, gave birth to a unique business idea to help others achieve their DIY dreams.

Even though their lives seem to revolve around their business recently, their passion for Yardley is rooted in their love of neighbors. Summer drinks in the yard with friends have become an important part of their family’s story, creating a sense of belonging in the community. "Yardley is such a great place to live! We are grateful to have met and lived in this area, and now to build a business together here is awesome," shares Carrie.

Behind the Scenes: Before and After!

The team at Kitchen Me now, including Joe Sesar, their lead Remodel Technician, have been busy! From expanding the functionality and aesthetics of kitchens to designing beautiful and stylish bathrooms, check out a few of their recent projects!

Is it a Good Time to Remodel?

“With the increase in home values that many Yardley homeowners have seen in recent years coupled with their interest rates,” says Carrie, “Many people we meet are now looking to invest in improving their homes rather than moving. is is great when they love their home and neighbors but do NOT love their dated kitchen! We think everyone deserves a beautiful kitchen and can’t wait to help our neighbors get started!”

If you’d like to meet Carrie and Will, visit their website at You can even download a free Kitchen Planning Guide by scanning the QR Code in their ad.


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